Removed 1 domain but directory name still present in FTP

hello Admin,

i removed my domain ( from my epiz_24924817 account but the domain directory in the ftp server isn’t removed .
is there anything i have done wrong or is this normal ?
thx in advance

This is intentional. Removing a domain name does not automatically remove the files on that domain. If you want to remove the files of the domain, you can remove them separately.

Or, if you removed the domain by accident, you can add the domain again and immediately restore your website. Which is why we don’t remove files by default.


Ah ok so nothing wrong from me :wink:
Is the directory will be removed automatically after a some time or should i ask someone to remove it ?

You’ve to remove its files in it yourself but not directory, That’s because of permissions.


We don’t automatically delete some of your files from your website without warning, just because they are in a certain folder. That would be insane and dangerous.

Like any other file in your account, you can delete these files whenever you want using an FTP client or file manager of your choice.

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