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Hey folks,

So I received the email from infintyfree to renew the SSL certificate as it states it expires in 30 days. I thought I had set up ssl in cloudflare. I have logged in to cloudflare and checked unter the ssl certificates and there is one there for my url which expires on 21/08/2022. So I’m a bit confused as to which site is actually doing my ssl certificate. Is it Infinityfree or Cloudflare? Again, totally new to this kind of stuff as the one I had many years ago, somewhere else, auto-renewed so I didn’t have to change anything. If it is from Inifinityfree, how do I renew? I don’t see a straight forward renew certificate button or any clear cut instructions for this. And if it’s the one from cloudflare (I have attached a screenshot to show it’s active and linked to site) do I just ignore that email from Infinityfree?


Many thanks for any help folks.

Could be both. What mode is CloudFlare operating?? Full mode or flexible?


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Hi KangJL,

Thank you for the quick reply. Cloudflare mode is set to flexible.
Thank you for the link, I shall take a look at that now.

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Have clicked link, typed in domain, selected the Let’s Encrypt which throws back " Validation error

You already have an SSL domain for this domain with this provider". I know there is already one there but it has asked me to renew so I thought I would be able to generate the new one or do I have to wait for those 30 days to finish before I renew?

This could be a bit of a pain. Could I not just use the one from Cloudflare? If so, are there any straight forward step by step instructions to do so?

Many thanks again.

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You can ignore that SSL renewal notification.


Amazing. Thank you KangJL. As always, you have put my mind at ease. :slight_smile:
Enjoy the rest of your day



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