Restored My Account and Now I'm not able to Install Wordpress

I just restored my hosting account and logged into my CPanel. Opened Wordpress and everything was there already so i clicked on install, then I received this message “URL and Directory doesn’t Match”

Did you deactivate and reactivate your account? If so, then note that you probably deleted the domains from your account before deactivating it, and you’ll need to add any domains you want to host again to your account.

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This problem is solved.

Now, Do I have to install a new Wordpress on Cpanel ?
I want to use the old one. I don’t wanna do it all from the beginning.

If you didn’t delete any files or databases, your site is still there, just like you left it.

That said, please note that adding the domain as an addon domain may have changed the folder the domain is assigned to. If this is the domain you originally used to create the account, you may need to move the all files from the htdocs/ folder to the folder.

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