Roundcube webmail without https (ssl/tls)


InfinityFree Roudcube Webmail page is without a TLS certificate.
How are we suppose to trust in a email address if the password entered in the webpage mail is sent in clear text?
This should be fixed ASAP


Right now the webmail url that infinityfree is givin in the email settings page is:


and you can get free TLS certificate using LetsEncrypt, so there is no reason for the webmail not having an https


The webmail is as of today (don’t know if will change), so you need to add LetsEncrypt TLS certificate to domain @Admin . Will you do it?


First of all, we don’t operate the webmail client, iFastNet does. I can try to push them to move it to a proper domain and install an SSL cert on it, but that’s all I can do.

However, the email system has some more severe issues right now than the SSL certificate:

So I don’t think enabling SSL on a webmail client backed by a broken mail server is the highest of priorities right now.


Everything that puts my password login not at risk would be appreciated @Admin