Secure connection failed in firefox and chrome

I just use free hosting but I have many problems in days
that last problem is that my site did not come up and firefox shows " Secure connection failed"
What can I do?

Did you install SSL cert?


Same problem on my site cannot use it on firefox and chrome but working on Opera, Galalaxy and Internet Explorer.

I’m using Firefox, can you please share your URL so I can check if it’s broken for me too?

It’s very hard to fix an issue we can’t see.


Thanks. I do According to the link and below the image is the result.

I think I must wait.

You should be able to request cert now


Hi The Result:

I Think I Must Wait Again

Yes, it shouldn’t take more than a day.

Getting the Let’s Encrypt certificate takes less than 10 minutes.

Ok, Thanks, I get this … I have a simple question …my CSR field is left empty…is this OK?

First Request

In Cpanel:


CSR is short for Certificate Signing Request. It’s a piece of information that is generated based on the private key, and is then provided to the certificate provider to generate the certificate. The beauty of this system is that your SSL provider can give you a certificate which matches your private key, without having to give your private key to the certificate provider (it’s a “private” key after all).

Once you have the certificate, the CSR is no longer useful. It isn’t involved in actually using the certificate.

Looking at keeping private keys private, you just shared the entire text in two screenshots, meaning anyone can use your SSL certificate to impersonate your website. The right thing to do is to revoke this certificate and get a new one with a new private key.

But only part of they keys were shown, not the entire thing.

@goharinja, it looks like you have installed correctly, so your site should work now! If it does not, try clearing your cache.

The client area screenshot only shows the first half. The control panel screenshot from the control panel shows all but the first few lines. Put them together, and you have the full key.

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Thanks for the information…yeah I think after 3 months I’m gonna change theme

@Greenreader9 Thanks. It’s Work Correctly Now. :grinning:

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@Admin Thanks again I read This and what you are saying is true… but no one bothers themselves for it… if it 's a concern then do you want me delete these post’s?

It’s probably fine for now. Unless your website handles a lot of sensitive data, chances are pretty small someone will go through the effort to copy the key by hand. And you’ll get a new key when you renew this certificate.

Just please make sure to not do this again.