Server error in roundcube mail

Hi, I am trying to use roundcube mail for my website
I am able to log in to the mail, but on logging in, it shows an error ‘Server Error (OK)’ and it is not receiving any emails.

Hmm, I just tried to setup a mail account on your domain, and I was able to login to it and receive email without any problems.

Do you experience this issue on all email accounts, and which email providers did you try to receive email from?


@Admin I don’t know what the problem was but today I saw that I have received those emails. I was using gmail to send the emails

I also had another question, earlier we used to be able to add identities in roundcube which is not the case now. Was there some change?

I’m not sure if this feature was available before. But I do know the feature was disabled to prevent people from using false identities. We had trouble with people using false names or other email addresses as names, which were used to cause harm.


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