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I am new to web hosting and coding in general. I am attempting to have at least two working webpages by a deadline. I had some HTML and CSS files uploaded to my htdocs folder, but I ended up making some changes and used my FTP to replace them. When the files weren’t updating, I cleared my cashe so that the new versions of the files could instead be used. However, now whenever I go to the URL, I get a “Server Not Found”/“Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” I am not sure what is happening or how to fix it.

Can you share your IP address? It can be found in the client area.

Can I ask why? How would the IP address affect the issue?

So I can check to see if your IP address is down, or if the IP is causing the issue. If you don’t want to share it, can you share your .htaccess code instead?

EDIT: I checked your site and it seems to be working now. Try clearing your cache and reloading it.

Where would I find the .htaccess code? The site still doesn’t work for me even after clearing my cashe.

Try using a different device or an incognito session. Since you site works, I don’t need to see the .htacess code (And since you don’t know where to find it, you probably dident edit it.)

I tried both a different device and incognito, I still can’t get it to work.

It’s working.

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Interesting. I still can’t seem to get it to work on my end. I’ve tried four different devices, incognito mode, and clearing my cashe. My network connection is good, and I have no issues using the internet for anything else.

Did you create that sub-domain recently?
Some ISPs take longer than others to renew their DNS cache.
I use Google Public DNS and usually get these changes faster.

But if you already saw the site before the changes, it really seems like a cache problem on your end.


Yes, I created the sub-domain a few days ago. So would it just be a matter of waiting?

If you created it more than 12 hours ago, it shouldn’t be a DNS issue.

But if it was a cache problem on your end, you should see the old version of your site, before your changes.
I can’t think of a reason for me to be able to see your site and for you to be receiving the “server not found” error.

I did see the old version until I cleared my cashe the first time, then it just stopped working altogether. Would it be beneficial if I gave it twelve hours and then came back?

You can wait. To be honest I don’t see anything else you can do.
But unless your network is blocking access to the server (or having issues), I can’t explain why I can access the site and you get “server not found”. It looks like your network is not able to reach the server!

But yes. try again in a few hours. Meanwhile, it might happen that somebody here can have more ideas for solving this issue.

Try using a cellular network on a mobile device, it should work there.

You may want to contact your ISP and ask about restrictions on your modem/network.

Just tried it on my iPhone. Still no luck. Will look into modem/network.

You can test using this link in the meantime, I would try to see what is happening for you. When you tested on your phone, you were not on WiFi, correct?

maybe it’s an internet/device firewall issue???
it works for me

Your website is working for me. Most probably your ISP is blocking the connection to your website server.

Also, checking using this link (visiting from other servers) I got the same server not found an error, so it’s most probably your ISP might be blocking connections.

After checking with the DNS checker I found that your website is not accessible at few places.

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I tried switching my DNS to the Google Public DNS, and it works now, so it had something to do with my DNS.