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I installed open source software on the free server.

This software is leave management software,
Normally when a person requests time off, an email is sent to them to confirm.

I have the impression that my mail file is incorrectly configured.

What is infinity’s smtp server and its port

Thank you

This is not available on free hosting. You need premium hosting


While KangJL’s answer is true, you can also use an external SMTP service, such as Gmail or Outlook, really any company that provides you SMTP credentials.



As other have stated, you will need an external company to provide that. SMTP is provided by the company you want the email to go to, and since InfinityFree no longer provides email service, you will have to find an external provider like Gmail, Yandex, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hello thank you for reponse, but i have ever probleme.

It looks like your hostname is incorrect. Try setting it to

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