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Hi InfinityFree,
I am running WordPress on InfinityFree,and I am using the Really Simple SSL plugin. The plugin has a SSL check powered by Qualys. I ran it, and my score was B. I clicked the button that says “View detailed info on Qualys SSL Labs” button to see more info. I saw the page, and I found that the certificate chain is incomplete.
By the way, in the page, you can see that DNS CAA is marked as No. I wonder if I can enable it, and if I can, how?

Also, I am using a free SSL certificate from the InfinityFree dashboard, and I use Let’s Encrypt as the SSL provider.

Your site TLS health is fine. We just don’t support intermediate certificates here, but most modern OSes (even going back to WinXP!) and browsers can select the root/intermediate certificate(s) necessary for a secure connection, and apparently Qualys doesn’t like this.


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