Setting cron on free hosting

i installed a new site. i have my cron information but don’t know how to set cron.
thanks in advance!

You can create web crons through the Cron Jobs section in your control panel. Did you try it already? Did you have any success with it?

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i have my own php script with external cron but it fails.
so, i’m still working on it.

i have the cron job information given to me by my php website provider.
in my control panel (not cPanel, my admin panel).
was told to ask for help in setting it up.
no idea what to do with it.
it looks like this:
0,30 * * * * php -q /home/vol10_2/
i put X’s to hide my account number.

what do i need to do?


i did notice in forums that there is a ‘bad time’ to set cron jobs to go off.
if u can help me to get it running, i’d like advice on how to set it so it goes off at a more convenient time for ur servers.

Isn’t running on your website yourself? Then remove the /home/vol10_2/ bit.

thank you.
i need to set up a cron job.
the information i was given:
0,30 * * * * php -q /home/vol10_2/
i have no idea what to do with.
i was given that info and told to ask the hosting what to do.
see what i mean?

The example cron you’ve shared is a command line cron, while we provide a web cron.

The first thing to verify is that the cron is accessible as a web cron in the first place. You can do this by accessing this file directly through your browser, with a URL like http:// (your domain) /includes/execute/cron.php.

Looking at the URL, this may not work, because the includes folder is blocked by default.

In any case, you should be able to setup the web cron by entering the URL includes/execute/cron.php, setting Every Hour to 0 and Every Minute to 30.


my vendor says cron is working.
thank u very much!


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