Showing directory insteat of site

showing directory listing instead of website

Did you create an index.html file?

Actually, it looks like the server might not be working. Can you please provide the IP for your account?

i recently downloaded wp encryption plugin for ssl… can this effect my website


WP Encryption — i recently download this plugin and sudden the problem occurs… starts showing 404 error
and now while clicking on site it shows directry listing

Whatever file you want to show when the website is opened needs to be called “index.html” or “index.php” depending on what type of file it is. Also, please clear your cache after uploading or renaming a file to “index”.

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so now i have to create a file called index—?

now there is no index.php folder in my filemanager

m so worried about my website and dont want to loose it any way to get it back i think i messed up with chmod


Your domain does not have an assigned IP so nothing is seen
Check on Cloudflare whether the domain points to a valid IP



i recently changed my nameserver to cloudfare namserver… should i changed it back with the old one??

check if the domain is within the orange cloud and to which IP it refers (on Cloudflare)

inside the green

there is nothing in my dns table

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understandable …that’s why we don’t see your domain

Please add the necessary records


Make sure to always take a backup before doing anything so nothing gets lost! I also recommend backing up everytime you add content as well.

You can backup your site by simply downloading all of it’s files via FTP, and exporting any databases that your site uses.

As for your actual problem, you can follow @Oxy‘s answer and everything should begin to work after a few hours (That are needed for DNS records to update everywhere)



oky and thank you so much

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hey done with these steps now i got https but still cant see the site