Showing directory insteat of site

hey done with these steps now i got https but still cant see the site

done with these steps n get https but still cant see site

Unfortunately, you may now be affected by this. It does look like HTTPS is working on your site, but we will know for certain once the issue below is resolved.

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Yep, that is one of the known things of the above issue. Can you see if you are on Volume #2? It should say it in the client area on the left-hand side.

client area showing this---- vol1_2

Your storage volume is currently down. As of now the issue is unknown

This is the admins message

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wht should i do now?? any suggestions?

You have two options

  1. Wait till the issue is resolved
  2. If you have a backup of the files inside the home directory, any database files you have… You can create a new hosting account and restore those data there. [DO NOTE: HAVING MORE THAT 3 HOSTING ACCOUNT IS A VIOLATION OF TOS. DELETE ONE IN THAT CASE]. If you dont have a backup if the sql data then i guess its fine cause you still can do that. CPanel is online. But do make sure you have all the files

This will help you if you are choosing option 2

i think i should wait! but wht u think why this happend? i only download the wp encryption plugin n site strt shwng error and ya i chnged the nameserver also

If you have a WP site it may be easier to wait and see how long it will take to fix it. Hopefully it will be fast, but who knows. If your site is custom coded, I would move it to a new account.

Well its a server side issue for sure. But neither does the admin nor do I have the necessary details right now to explain why this happened. Admin is in contact with the iFastNet team to see the issue.

yes , its wordpress site

I would wait to see if it is a quick resolution. If you have a full backup you can migrate if you want.

oh oky i will wait and thank you so much guys for helping

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no i dnt hv backup ;(

In that case you have no choice but to wait. You might want to take a manual backup (not a plugin backup) after every major upgrade in the future.

yes m regretting now :frowning: i hope this isssue will get resolve soon