Site can't be reached

Hey, my website url is:-

my website is not being loaded its saying site cant be reached. it was working fine before but not from 1hr. i tried changing index.php many times.
But, its not working now.

Can anyone help me?
Thank You,

Make sure domain is pointing to and Does not seem to be the case right now.



what does this means sir?
what are you trying to say?

You are using Cloudflare’s name servers instead of InfinityFree’s name servers.
That’s OK as long as you created the appropriate records in Cloudflare.

Did you create an A Record pointing to your server’s IP address?
If not, check this article:


Will it affect my minecraft server? As the domain is pointing to my minecraft server ip adress

Your domain is pointing to a minecraft server?!


Then what site are you referring to in your first post?

if i created another A record pointing to Infinityfree ip address will it affect my minecraft server ip?

Yes, it would.

But I don’t understand how you have a both a minecraft server and a website served from the same domain name!

im using the same domain for both. currently A record is pointing to my minecraft server right now.
but im not sure if i should create a A record pointing to website coz my minecraft server is kinda popular like 100 players per day. So, if it would affect my mc server i wont do it. shall i try?

It will definitely affect.
It will stop pointing to your Minecraft server and start pointing to InfinityFree’s server.

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then what shall i do? even other servers have their domain pointing to both minecraft server and website. how they do that?

The only way I see it is that they serve both from the same server.

i asked other servers owners they told me that they just point the nameservers to webhosting and create an A record poiniting to minecraft server. i also did the same but you are telling to connect it through an A record.

I was telling you to connect to the website using an A record because your domain has Cloudflare’s name servers.
If you want to do it the opposite way, you can do it.

Change your name servers to

And, in InfinityFree’s VPanel, create the record pointing to your Minecraft server.

The problem is that it is not possible to create A records in InfinityFree. You will have to create a CNAME record and, to be honest, I don’t know if it does the same thing.
It might, but I just don’t now.

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shall i add An AAAA record pointing to infinityfree ip address?

That might work, but you cannot create A records on free hosting, you have to use Cloudflare.

bro but if i connected infinityfree ip address in An A record using cloudfare then how will i connect my minecraft server ip?

I’m not sure how you would do both on fee hosting. I’ve never done anything like this (I don’t think anyone on this fours has), so no one really knows how to help. I believe that premium hosting allows you to create A records, but I’m not sure that would work for you. You can contact their support and ask though. Alternatively, you can host your MC server and your website on separate hosts, with separate domains, ip’s, etc. and just link them together (I could be wrong, I know nothing about Minecraft servers)