Site suspended

Hi, my account is suspended!
I have open a ticket and you answer me that there was a DDOS attack.

I’m sorry about all this, but what is my fault?
Can you please reactivate my account?
My account is: epiz_27830354 and status is SUSPENDED

Please help me to fix all, thanks

If you got DDoSed, there’s nothing you can do but wait the 24 hours for your account to come back or buy premium.

I have suffered a DDoS attack here, and I learned I should use a custom domain with CloudFlare to help prevent a DDoS from affecting me.

So if I waiting for 24 hour, InfinityFree restore my account?

Yes. It is an automatic process that you should be notified about via email.

Not in this case, actually.

We suspended your account because we believe it to be the target of a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks can cause a lot of damage to sites and servers. And if one website is being targeted, then the effects can often take down many other sites in the process because the entire server is getting overloaded.

The costs involved in fighting that off for you is way too expensive for free hosting. So if your website is being targeted by attackers, our only option is to ask you to host this site elsewhere.

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Ok but what can I do now?
I have to pay? Do I need to buy another domain?
I don’t even have a backup of site and mysql databases.
Please help me or give me a few hours inside so I can backup everything. :frowning:

It was probably not a DDOS, last night I was editing the site and opening several pages
Give me a hand to fix everything or tell me what to do :frowning:

Yoican request the ticket representative for a backup or well just upgrade to premium hosting with :partying_face:

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