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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I want to verify my site via Google search console, but I don’t know where to enter the verification code from Google? I tried DNS cname records under the CPanel - don’t work for it!

TXT records management is not supported on free hosting. You could either use other verification methods, listed on this article, or use your own nameservers and add the TXT record from the DNS management panel of your nameservers, in order to be verified in Google Search Console.

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I’m not sure where to enter the DNS configuration from Google search console?

Is that under the Cpanel?

If you use wordpress you should probably install the plugin Site Kit by Google

you cannot verify by domain, you must verify by URL.
Use the method that involves uploading a file to your site.


I don’t use Wordpress.

Use CloudFlare

The URL verification is probably the easiest way to get your domain verified.

Full domain verification is not easy on free hosting. While using external nameservers is a good workaround, it’s also a great way to break your website if you don’t know how to manage your own DNS records.

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I have verified URL by Google search console, but not the domain. It doesn’t appear in Goggle search results. What can I do yet? Or I have to use paid hosting to get it right?

Which is completely fine. If Google did not support managing websites through a URL, why would they possibly offer this method in the first place?

Adding your website to Search Console helps to get your website in the search results, but doesn’t automatically make you the top ranking site for any relevant search query. You’re still reliant on Google to crawl your website and rank it in the results. I’ve heard it can take weeks for Google to crawl a new an unknown website.

When checking which pages have been indexes, try doing a search query like with your domain. If you just search for the name of your website without explicitly filtering for your domain name, your website might just be ranked at the bottom of the results. And no hosting service in the world can guarantee you that can’t happen.

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