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Can you help me please, I would like to know, why is my site so slow, please can you check it?
my username is: epiz_27684288

Is it because I’m using wordpress or too many pictures?
Would it be resolved if I bought a starter package @ifastnet?
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No, WordPress does all of its startup scripts on first load after ~30min-6hrs.

You could make a cron job to load your site every hour.


Also no. It wouldn’t help. See what I said above.

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Its not slow. Its very fast

Thank you @wackyblackie. Actually the first load is, which is very slow, but it can be caused by Wordpress all-startup-scripts, no?
I’ve read some related answers but I would like to ask you, why can it be faster for others, like for @DavidLinux?



Because it depends on location. American people will get slower load for european servers hosted sites

Ah, sure, thanks.

Now, I got a “” after trying to delete 3 galleries at the same time to clean up my plugins little bit.
This is a real issue.

Can you please help me?

Thank you,

But yes, I’ve reached the limit of the hits, but it happened with this last gallery deleting action. Is that normal?

No its not normal, this means its a ddos attack. Many people and even me have got these attacks

That is definitely not what it means. It is a possibility, but not absolutely the reason.

Yes. This is the main downside of WordPress. You can help reduce the first load by creating a cron job in the control panel, but cron jobs don’t work that well here. (You can try setting one up to load your website every 1hr and 5mins though, it might work).

If your site does not receive a lot of traffic, DDoS may be to blame. However, note that every reload of your site counts as a hit, so if you are constantly refreshing your site you can easily hit it yourself. Wait for the suspension to be over, than try creating the cron job. Using Cloudflare also may be able to help.

Okay, I’ll do so, thank you @Greenreader9!

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