Hello! Im using Piwigo 12. I have your server.

$conf[‘smtp_host’] = ‘company.mail.server:25’;
$conf[‘smtp_user’] = ‘’;
$conf[‘smtp_password’] = ‘’;
$conf[‘mail_sender_email’] = ‘email address’;
$conf[‘mail_allow_html’] = true;
$conf[‘smtp_secure’] = null;

These settings done correctly. Still my site dont send mail? Is there something possible on your code or configs?

  • Thanks

Emails are heavily restricted on infinityfree.

What do you mean?

Try using PHP Mailer, that program works here.

You need to enter the details of the SMTP provider you want to use to send email. We don’t provide an SMTP for you to use, so you’ll need to get that elsewhere.

A simple Gmail account can do the job.

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