Softaculous wordpress update


My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

WordPress 5.2 is available! Please update now.

I’m using this software:


Additional information:

Last Wordpress version in Softaculous is 5.1.1. PLease make available last version 5.2. Thank you!


Softaculous has a corrupted installation on free iFastNet network with WordPress, so you need to upgrade WP manually by using these instructions (click me).


I contacted Softaculous, and here is the answer they gave me:


Sure we have released WordPress 5.2 since few days.

Please ask your host to execute the below mentioned CRON command :

This should be fetch the update. This command needs to be executed as root via command line.

If you still do not get the update, ask your host to open a ticket with us and we shall then check this for you.

Softaculous Support


Now the Softaculous works fine, and you can install WordPress. For the CRON command: iFastNet manages its free shared hosting, and so you need to send the CRON command to their admins.