[SOLVED]Problems to login to c-panel


I cant login. I tried to reset my password twice, and I cannot login to cpanel.
Always redirect to http://cpanel.freecluster.eu/index.php
I was registered to this host with elvisboada.rf.gd and add a new domain elvisboada.com.ve. I deleted elvisboada.rf.gd and keep the last with the same username. I dont know if that is the problem. Thanks…


no worry with me occurs the same error



As you may be aware FreeCluster.eu is the control panel login infinityfree uses for their clients. Did you successfully reset your password? Do you get redirected to the front page or to password incorrect page? Supplying this information will help assist me and other staff in investigating and pinpointing the issue. Please also let me know of any other evens that you did in relation to your account prior to this issue as you may have triggered a firewall or other security system.

Warm Regards,
Unofficial Community Support Officer


Your account username is fceu_17591858 and your account e-mail address is the same e-mail address as you’re using on this forum. Can you please try to reset your password with those details?


Hi Admin, thanks for your attention. The error is gone, maybe the system was in maintenance or something like that :smiley: