Someone is DDOSing my site nearly everyday the last 5 days

dun-dun-dun, The plot thickens…

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Yeah, but least I know the softare doing it now…

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Send this evidence over too to Cloudflare and InfinityFree. Send it to Cloudflare because they need to thicken their security layers for this trojan. InfinityFree for evidence that you were not in the wrong.

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That’s when your Sadism is 100% and bored.

Now I am getting told my domain is banned from InfinityFree…

EDIT: I am banned from IFastNet unless I buy premium…

You might ask them for backup of your site.


Yes she is right

Glad I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What’s that?

support ticket to ifastnet

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Ah, well my domain is now banned from any iFastNet reseller… so yeah :frowning:


ifastnet has a £3 a month hosting, maybe you should give that a shot. IONOS also does £1 a year for first year and then £10 a year after that.
An advantage for ifastnet is that they can help you transfer over from infinityfree

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