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how much ram memory do you have
on infinity free according to plans?

how many sql connections can i do with the max plan?

will the 5mb limit per file be taken away with another plan?

how much gb on email plan?

in the others plans my site will become https?

i need all specifications of your plans i want compare with the plans of my country, brazil

128 MB

There is only free hosting plan. Should be less than 10.

Max file size is 10 MB

No email provided

You can get free SSL using IF tool


I’m not sure what plans you are talking about. InfinityFree only has one plan: free hosting.

If you are referring to iFastNet’s premium hosting plans, please click the Learn More link at https://infinityfree.net/premium/ to, you know, learn more.

A few dozen TB in total across all servers, I guess.

As for how much memory you get on your account, that limit is classified. And it’s not like it provides any information, there are a lot of factors that prevent comparing memory limits across providers.

On free hosting, you’re limited to 9 concurrent connections. However, if you’re overloading the database, we may suspend your account even if you haven’t hit that limit.

On premium hosting, it works completely differently. I don’t know the details.

On free hosting, the limit is 10 MB. On premium hosting, there isn’t any limit.

On free hosting, there is no email. On premium hosting, email usage is counted as part of the total account storage.

You can get a free SSL certificate from us and install it here. On premium hosting, you get fully automated free SSL.



The size is still limited, until we increase alter the php.ini file. Most people don’t know this. You do i guess

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On premium hosting, there is no file size limit. File size limit is not a PHP restriction.

There is a PHP upload limit, but you can configure that one yourself. Any website should have an upload limit to prevent people crashing it with larger files that would ever be necessary.


Also, I tried uploading a 15MB zip file, and, it uploaded. Then why was it not deleted, though the file size limit is10MB?

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