SSL application is successful and has been successfully configured, but is not correct

Configuration has been correct for SSL certificate and I have my domain name, but I am using SSL checker said my domain DNS configuration errors, my domain DNS configuration screenshot in the comments section, could you tell me how to configure the DNS

If you’re using your domain registrar’s nameservers, and those don’t support CNAME Flattening, you need to get the IP of your server by following the instructions present here, then create an A record with as name your domain, as TTL 300 and as value/target the IP you have found by following those instructions. After that, create a CNAME record with name www, TTL 300 and value/target yourdomain, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, and a MX record with as name your domain, as TTL 300, as value/target and as priority 10. If you don’t want to configure those records, you can just set the nameservers to and and have your website working again after some hours.


What sort of “DNS configuration errors” do you see? What do the error message say? Could you provide a link or a screenshot where we can see these errors?

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