SSL certificate help

hi, could someone guide me through the steps to install a ssl certificate? thanks in advance.

You can use the “SSL Certificates” section of the Client Area for that purpose. Just go to that section, then click on “Add SSL Domain”, insert your domain on that field and click on “Add SSL Domain”, insert the CNAME records the system gives you on the “CNAME Records” section of the Control Panel or on your nameservers’ DNS management section if you use your own nameservers (if you need help with that, please read this article), wait 24 hours or less, then refresh the DNS status and click on “Request SSL Certificate”. After waiting some minutes, if the certificate request was successful, you need to install the certificate on your hosting account, and the “Installing an existing certificate” part of this article should help you. If the certificate request was failed, then you need to wait until some Let’s Encrypt problems will be fixed, and then request the certificate again and install it on your hosting account with the link I posted before.


trying now. thanks.

it works!

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