SSL certificate not becoming existent

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My SSL certificate has been pending for day now… any idea how long until I will get it?

Well, you have not got a customized domain so you wont be able to select a faster one. It could take days for it to work, unless you pay for a domain customized! looking back at your question

We wont know how long it will take, as it could be very random, what i suggest is just to leave it a couple of days and respond if its still not working :slight_smile:

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I just checked the certificate. It’s odd, because GoGetSSL already issued it yesterday but somehow the certificate did not get imported into the client area. I don’t understand yet how this could have happened.

I manually forced a synchronization of your order so you should be good to go now. I also made some changes that should help diagnosis of similar issues in the future.

If anyone else sees a GoGetSSL certificate for which the CNAME records were setup over 24 hours ago but the certificate is still pending, please say so and refer back to this post.


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