Ssl error help!

My website’s certificate is not approved I did everything right I need help with this!



SSL is working on your website! Is this what you are looking for?


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@Alperenleaks I have checked your certificate and it seems to be working fine from here.

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No it’s not working properly, I want it to light green

Seriously? The green card doesn’t matter, all is good as your website open with SSL fine.

Then follow this guide

You can use CloudFlare full mode. Replace the SSL cert with self-signed cert when expired.

What you say doesn’t matter to me because I don’t use Cloudflare.

Then you will not get this

The choice is yours

I see a closed padlock on your site, which means the certificate is valid and all resources are loaded over security connections.

If you were hoping to get a green lock, then I’m sorry to disappoint, because most browsers don’t show green locks anymore.


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