SSL For subdomain

So i tried bring SSL to my domain which had nothing installed or added to itself, i actually wanted to add SSL to my sub domain but i can’t for reasons. Any suggestion i can do, i just need SSL on my sub domain or a way i can make my sub domain my main domain and make it SSL?

SSL for subdomains is not supported by VistaPanel. Some subdomains are shown in the SSL menu anyways due to an error in the account provisioning system. But this may be changed at any time without warning.


So @Admin how can i get this sorted then? My main domain has nothing but i set SSL on it but i want my subdomain to have SSL as well because thats main i use or anyway we can get subdomain as main domain?

You could switch to premium hosting if you want to be able to have SSL on all domains. For free hosting, SSL on subdomains is not possible right now.


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