SSL is not enabled

Please Hepl Me ! I installed ssl certificate on my hosting account and and i activated my ssl certifiacte before 6-7 days ago! the also SSL is succesfullly installed But But! My site says ‘SSL is not enabled’ What is the problem ? Please please help me out in this problem

What is your website URL, so we can help you? Please check this!

Your domain is pointing to right now with Cloudflare nameservers. Please, on the Cloudflare dashboard, after logging in and clicking on your domain and then on the “DNS” page, remove all the records, and then follow this KB article to point it to us.

How to remove records please tell me??

Okay! Now i deleted Dns records ! Next Step?

Which IP Address??

From the same article I posted, regarding which IP address to use:

Using ALIAS records

Some DNS providers (but not all) support DNS records of type ALIAS, sometimes also called CNAME Flattening. Using that is the easiest and safest way to use your own nameservers.

To use CNAME flattening, you first need to lookup your account’s main domain. You can find the main domain in the sidebar of your control panel. It should look something like this:

Then, create an ALIAS record (or CNAME flattening record) for your domain name in your own nameservers, pointing to your account’s main domain.

For subdomains, create a regular CNAME record pointing to the main domain.

My current nameservers is cloud flare nameservers ! what can i do next?

If you want to add DNS records with Cloudflare nameservers use this guide, and on the steps I written from that guide I linked to replace “your own nameservers” to “the Cloudflare DNS records management page”.

Now my sites says ‘this site can’t be reached’ Please help me to access my site!

You didn’t add the required DNS records to access your website! So add them, and wait 24 hours for the website to work!

See this image . Whewn i deleted all records , here’s showing the dns management for my my domain! Please help me what i do next

Here’s a quote of the part of the KB article I posted some hours ago, but re-edited:

I cant understanding what to do actullay?? I am so upset right now! that site are not working for last 6-7 days . Please help me or if you have proper video on dns management to resolve my problem??

I will make a video soon. To add records on Cloudflare:

  1. Click on “Add Record”.
  2. After that, select the desired type. We are working with a CNAME record, so select “CNAME”.
  3. Input the domain name or simply @ as name.
  4. Find the Main Domain with the steps I quoted, and then add it as value.
  5. Click on “Save”.
  6. Repeat all steps, but this time as record name put www and as value put @.

what i will type in name option?

Input the domain name or simply @ as name, and after creating the first record, input www as name.