SSL not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Filled out ssl certificate and stuff under the SSL tab (cert through infinityfree) But doesn’t work, just

I’m using this software:
This is all just in infinity free, through the ssl certification page.

Additional information:
I did the 2 things with the www code and basic code, and verified both, ssl says its on, it has private key and certificate but https doesn’t work. Am I supposed to do something with those codes or something?

You will also need to install the SSL certificate for your domain on your hosting account. The instructions to do that can be found here. Just follow the “Installing an existing certificate” part of those to install the certificate, and wait until it’s installed successfully, so that you and your visitors can access your website through HTTPS.


What is a CSR? Do I need to generate that within my control panel? I only got the private key and the certificate when I generated it on this website.
EDIT:You don’t need CSR, Still don’t know what it is, but my mistake was you need one blank line after the END CERTIFICATE and END KEY lines. And for anyone else who don’t know where to go, you put the codes in your Control Panel.

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CSR is short of Certificate Signing Request. Like the name suggests, it’s the piece of text you send to the certificate authority to get an SSL certificate. If you already have a certificate, you don’t need a CSR.

Interesting find! I had no idea the panel was so picky. Good to know!


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