SSL Problem

I Attached An SSL CertIficate Then After That My Browser Doesn’t Trust The Certificate That The CPanel Generated For Me.
(Experimenting With CPanel SSL)
Is The CPanel Generating Self Signed Certificates?
(I Know CloudFlare Can Generate Cert But I’m Experimenting In My Test Website)

Now I Configured The Website Certificate To A CloudFlare Signed Certficate But It Does Not Work.

Please Help Anyone Now I’m Not Testing Anymore This Is A Problem Now

Anyone @Ergastolator1 Please Help. :expressionless:

for me your site is secure:

But In My Browser It’s Not.

Oh Sorry My OTHER Website

other site url?

Yeah Making For My Friend

i mean can i have its url? :slight_smile:


what (i mean what to being indian?)?

Tried That But I Think The Problem Is That The Self Signed Cert In My CPanel.

I Already Create A Cert In CloudFlare And Attached It But Still Not Working, It Still Shows Not Secure.

you’d wait for upto 72 hours until in configurations


What? 72 Hours I Thought 24 Hours.

In CloudFlare They Said 24 Hours :tired_face:

But How Did My Primary Website: Is Only Wating For Around An Hour