Steam profiles images and game server information won't load

Look, just ask the creator whether he can recompile to PHP 7.3, and tell him to run it through a php checker to make sure there isn’t a problem. In dozens of lines of code, there probably a little typo that brings everything down. So go get the PHP 5 code and run it through a PHP checker.


No I won’t, because there is no problem with this code. I used this code myself in another hosting site and images worked just fine there. There is also other sites using the same code which all work good and none of them has problems.

These admins don’t want to admitthat there is permissions that must be given in order for these information to come. Even in the article it statesthat sockets are limited and it even mentions “game server ports”. It’s clear that to have these functions working I need to go premium.

But I don’t understand why they don’t tell me it’s a premium feature and instead focus on things that have nothing to do with it. So even though I knew code was not problem, I still did as they said and updated it, in hope that after all other things are gone, they would focus on the actual problem.

But now that the site specifically says there is a server error and a permission one, this admin has not yet answered and has no excuse to use anymore. It’s obvious that these are premium features.

What is not clear to me is why they don’t want to admit that their servers are blocking access to server and steam, and why they don’t just tell me to go premium. If they had told me before that I needed premium I would have already bought it.

But as of right now I am not sure if this is actually a premium feature and by buying it now I would risk that these features still don’t work, and then even thought I paid, the admins would most likely insist on fixing pointless stuff instead of sorting the real problem.

At this point, even if they now tell me that it needs premium, I am definitely not gonna buy it considering how ambiguous this support is for refusing to acknowneldge the issue, or maybe just incompentent and not understanding. Or maybe not admitting on purpose that there is a problem with the server cause his boss would fire him if he did.

Wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, I am done with this waste of time.

A lot has been written about the idea of “works on my machine”, and the conclusion tends to not be that the machine on which it doesn’t work is broken. And without know exactly where you tried to code before and how their platform differs from ours, it doesn’t really help in figuring out why something doesn’t work.

That’s a very interesting point.

So try to move yourself in my shoes. If I really knew from the start this was a restriction of free hosting and required premium, why wouldn’t I have said this beforehand? After all, making you upgrade is our goal, right? What motivation would I have to not tell you that you should upgrade to premium?

You don’t understand why I didn’t do this, but the answer is quite simple: I legitimate didn’t know whether this was a free hosting restriction. I didn’t suggest premium hosting because I didn’t know for sure whether it would solve the issue.

And I already told you that access to the Steam Community API may have been blocked in post #17:

Throughout this entire topic, you’ve been making wild and completely unfounded guesses as to what the problem could be. This is just another wild guess.

The reason I have not answered is because I am a human with other needs (and a daytime job). Had you actually checked my profile in the forum, it should say when I was last online. And you would have seen that I have not been online since you posted the reply after updating the steamprofile library.

In fact, I have not even seen this “clear message”, since you already moved the site away. The error page it’s serving right now is clearly not from our platform.

Yet another wild and wrong guess.

I am the boss of InfinityFree. Nobody can tell me what to do and nobody can fire me. Nobody will do anything to me if I would, for example, call you an arrogant asshole and tell you to leave and never come back. Find another company if you’re looking for a poor L1 support member to abuse.


Look they must be fair to everyone (give everyone a share of CPU, data, ports), also if it the server denies access, you should have checked if the credentials are correct. Admin is sponsored by iFastNet and they don’t say everything, OKAY?!
Evidence that iFastNet doesn’t say everything:

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