Still getting the default page

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Default Epizy page

I just created a new account/site, and the subdomain still isn’t working. It says ‘active’ under account details. Does it really take 72 hours for this thing to display? I don’t remember the previous account/site taking that long.

If you see the default welcome page, it means that the DNS has fully propagated and you are accessing your website. Now you just need to upload your website to your account and you’re live!

It’s not the welcome page, it’s this one:

OK, right, that means you’re still viewing the parking page for unused domains, rather than what’s being served by your hosting account. I don’t see that page, I see what looks like it could be your web page.

When you add a new account or domain, we set everything up within minutes. However, it can take days for all internet providers in the world to realize that and make your site visible.

Here is an article with more information and workarounds:

Over 72 hours. No change.

Your website is still working just fine from here.

This sounds like your internet provider is just serving you bad data. Fortunately, you can work around this by using a better DNS resolver. Two great options are Cloudflare’s and Google’s DNS resolvers.

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