Subdomain free package Misleading

Username epiz_28395758 Main Domain

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Error Message

pages lead to spended pages or false miss leading temp pages an or 403 errors

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information I’ve never see such a slow upload speed in my life. almost crashed my pc several time do to connection errors when trying to stop or cancel items should be a basic function but has been placed on the back burner for some reason.

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do i really have to wait 72 hours for a subdomain

Working fine for me…

It depends…

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Yes, most of the time, you get the response in a few hours. Maximum is 72 hours

What URL is showing what exactly to you?

A main domain and IP address will never show your website. This is normal and doesn’t say anything about your account status.

FTP is just not a very fast protocol, especially for uploading a large number of small files. You’ll notice this if you’re using a desktop FTP client like FileZilla but also if you’re using our web based file manager (which also uses FTP under the hood).

If an FTP client or file manager crashes your computer, I do really worry about your computer though.

That’s up to you.

We push domains live within minutes. It’s just that your computer and/or your ISP may cache old data so it takes longer for you to see it. But there are workarounds. Just click the Learn More link in the client area to, you know, learn more.


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