Suggestions/Recommendations for a Domain Registrar


I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good domain registrar.

One that doesnt:

  • Charge ridiculously high renewal prices
  • Charge extra for stuff like WHOIS privacy and external DNS
  • Has decent customer support

I’m thinking of going with NameSilo (using InfinityFree’s affilate link, or course!) or NameCheap,

but does anyone else know other good domain registrars that they had a good experience with?

Thank you!

Edit: I should probably mention I already have a domain at and want to transfer it, so please don’t mention that registrar, thanks!

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  1. Cheap (.com is less than ten dollars)
  2. WHOIS gard is completely free
  3. Renewal price is less than ten dollars a year as well.
  4. Custom support (email and live chat) is helpful and polite, even when you ask stupid questions.

NameCheap is the only provider I have exerperiance with, and it has been all positive. (They do charge a bit much for their website builder or to get email address, but there are better alternatives to those).

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Porkbun has .com domains for only $8.50 ish (renewals and transfers with 1 year free renewals are the same price) that includes free Whois protection and email, live chat, and phpne support. The only problem is that the support isn’t 24/7 but other than that they are a great domain registrar. An alternative is Dynadot which costs $9.99 (free whois protection, and same renewals and transfers) which offers a beautiful dashboard and provides 24/7 support.


NameSilo and NameCheap are both great choices. NameSilo is a little bit cheaper and has some candy features like custom WHOIS output. NameCheap provides better support. But both include all the basics for free and have overall quite good rates.


Thanks, this was all really helpful!

I think I heard somewhere that it’s only free for 1 year? It was a fairly updated article from late 2020… please correct me if I’m wrong!

I helped someone else register one there, and it said for life, but we also registered it during a sale, so who knows. I do think it is forever though.

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I believe WHOIS Guard was made completely free when the GDPR came into effect. Putting people’s names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in a publicly visible (and easily scraped) interface isn’t a good way to treat people’s personal information.

Before that, it was free for a year and then a few dollars per year. Now, it’s free for all supported extensions.


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