Suspended because of entry process limits!, I don't use that much of php

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: That My website’s account was suspended because I hit the Process Limits

I’m using this software:The FREE hosting plan and Cloudflare

Additional information:*There’s no visitors to my website, and I 'm the only one that is developing it. how did that happen?

NOTE: I’ve just a single PHP file that is running on my website!

I hope that you can explain that ADMIN
Why did that happen if I just have one php file?

Depending how it is being execute or what codes were in the php file,

Well. Sometimes that happens to me too :roll_eyes:


Can you please double check your traffic stats in Cloudflare to verify there was really no other traffic?

Many times when people say their website was suspended while there was no traffic, Cloudflare shows there were thousands of “visitors” (usually bots).

I can’t personally testify the stats we collected are 100% correct, but if our system recorded high usage and Cloudflare recorded high usage, then there was probably high usage.


Yeah, my website was under-attack

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