Suspended for CPU usage

Well, I have just been using InfinityFree for about 2 days, and my account was abruptly suspended to inform me that I have reached the CPU limit, and for the next 24 hours I am unable to work on my site. :smiley: whoaaa. well how nice is that now ? :wink:

I even clicked the button to go Premium, paid my quote and now I’m stuck with iFastNEt, nothing working, I don’t know how to reactivate my account. How unfortunate, really.

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I moved your post to a new topic. Note that you can create new topics from the start, please don’t post your question in whatever topic you find at the top of the list. It doesn’t help anyone if multiple issues get mixed in the same topic stream and cause confusion.

As for your actual question: if your account was suspended for hitting the CPU limits, it will be reactivated after 24 hours completely automatically. All you need to do is wait for the time to pass.

Alternatively, if you purchased a premium account at iFastNet, please ask iFastNet to migrate your website. They can import your website from your free hosting account (even if it’s suspended) and get your website back online right away.

I feel you @Logixor, I myself had exactly the same problem here… Their criteria for suspending account is really weird and does not matches real usage (cpu-ram-ep failures…).
Heck, even now that I’ve completely removed my accounts from InfninityFree I still receive from time to time EP or CPU warnings… LOL!

I dont trust infinityfree anymore, thats why I moved to another free hosting (that has been rock solid for a month now!!!).

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