All my accounts have been suspended, please resolve this issue. I can not do anything.

Can you open your client area? If so, you should be able to check the status of your accounts, as well as more information about why they were suspended and what you can do to reactivate them.

I don’t know why my account has been suspended. Delete all my accounts.

Did you just see the red icons in the account list and assume you had to ask here? Because if you actually click the accounts, you will see what to do next.

For your information, these two lines are shown roughly in the middle of your screen:

To learn more about why your account was suspended, or to get your account reactivated, create submit a support ticket.

If you don’t do anything, your account will be deleted automatically after 60 days. Accounts cannot be deleted earlier on request.

So, to answer your question:

  • I don’t know why your account is suspended, you need to submit a ticket to check that.
  • I cannot delete your accounts. Nobody can do that, because we are prohibited by law enforcement from deleting accounts on request. And your account was suspended for abuse, so we are definitely not going to let you delete those accounts.

Won’t it open again? If it opens, I will delete that folder.

I took a look at the file which was flagged, and I can tell you that we’re definitely not going to give you access to that folder. What was done with that script was an illegal and very malicious activity, so there is no way we can reactivate your account or give you access to the data.

If we did, we would give you the opportunity to backup the data and park the domain name somewhere else, which is likely to increase the impact of what was done with that script, which is something we absolutely want to prevent.

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