SUSPENSION System and staffs of Infinity free

My account recently got suspended and they say that my account is related to file sharing and file storage just because it has interface of directory listings; Then I say that I try out different GitHub projects on my site and it needs scripts.

Then, they totally change the topic and say that scripts (which create legacy VMs using js) are not available on free hosting accounts. I was like wtf…

Then I ask them to delete those scripts and they sent me the folders which I need to to delete but, they sent me folder which contained like 8 sub folders. I asked them to be more specific and say which files are abusive inside the subfolders but NO, they just don’t say which files to delete… I don’t mean to criticise them but staffs are meant to be helpful…

You need to wipe out anything that goes against TOS
in your case I see things that violate TOS 7, 10 and 11


1:In case of #7 I don’t use any copyrighted material.
2: in case of #10, I use scripts of which is made freely for available and is used for emulation of Legacy old VM like IBM 5054, etc
3:In case of #11, I don’t use backups and most of them are javascripts which is used for emulation of pcjs VMs.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not from English country and I don’t understand all legal terms.

here are just a few examples:

The obb folder mostly contains cracked content so that the game could even be started and played without being paid ( I guess you need all this for VM emulation :roll_eyes:)


busybox PRO ? hosted here ?


Uhh, I don’t use downloads folder anymore but I accept that it’s OBB but NOT cracked content as I used to save free apps links to share w/ my friends and about that “Busy Box pro” I had no idea about it so, I’m deleting it. Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

what I listed were just a few examples…
It is up to you to delete all content that violates TOS

I know it is in your interest to try to justify yourself but no one has time to play cat and mouse game here.
You either respect TOS or you are suspended.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Thanks i will delete contents that violate TOS.:ok_hand:

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