Test site new hosted on InfinityFree without changing nameservers

I’m considering moving my hosting to InfinityFree. Before I make the final move, I’d like to test the new site to make sure there are no problems.

I changed my name servers to InfinityFree just long enough to add the site to my account, before changing them back.

I’ve uploaded my site content to InfinityFree, but how can I test it without changing the name servers to point to it?

I’ve see the KB pages at support.infinityfree.net/domains-dns/add-your-own-domain/, and support.infinityfree.net/domains-dns/why-doesnt-my-domain-work/, but can’t see anyway to test the new site until I’ve move to the name servers, thereby breaking the old one.

Is there anyway I can test the site hosted on InfinityFree?

Is your website powered by any CMS or you’ve coded it?

It’s all coded in PHP, no CMS.

I see. You can first start with creating a epizy.com or rf.gd subdomain to test out your website, if everything is working good then change your nameservers then add your domain.

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That’s a good idea. Thanks.

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