The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key

Hey i did everything mentioned above and when i copy the certificate from lets encrypt it says: “The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.”

What’s happening please reply…i am very sad!

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You will also need to upload the Private Key from the same page you got the certificate to the Control Panel’s “SSL/TLS” section for your domain by pasting the Private Key you got from the same page you got the certificate on the Private Key field, replacing the existing private key if needed, and clicking on “Upload Key”.

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I did that with the same problem remaining… Any help?

Is anyone here online to help me?

When i go back after the aforementioned message my private key is changed and i have to change it again to the valid one from Let’s encrypt.

Could you help me my friend because no one is here to help or will to ?

So you have copied and uploaded both the Private Key and the Certificate from the Let’s Encrypt issued ones to the SSL/TLS on the Control Panel, right?

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Correct i do it the right way but says the certificate does not match.

Do you have TeamViewer on your system?

I Have nothing like teamviewer. I think i had this but disabled a long ago. I have torrent and other programms though. Always disabled. Whats the problem you think?
Please help…

I DID the whole process again and deleted the existing keys. After the new keys i did the same process but i am gaining the same results: com

I always change the private key and the certificate with the default from the Let’s encrypt.

If someone responsible doesn’t give me a sollution i’ll leave. You see i have to be online soon. So if infinity free avoids me, i’ll avoid inifinity free.

I checked your hosting account and SSL certificate, and the message is correct: the private key doesn’t match.

I see you generated a private key and CSR from the control panel. It’s no problem to do this, but please understand that the client area generates a new private key for the SSL certificate that’s shown there.

So you first need to upload the private key from the client area to the private key field in the control panel, overriding the generated private key which is currently there. After that, you can upload the certificate from the client area.

You can leave the CSR as is. You can’t do anything with it, but it also won’t affect the SSL on your site.

I do realize the linked installation instructions are probably confusing (because they say you should generate the private key from the control panel). I’ll make a note to write specific installation instructions for the SSL certificates provided by us.

I also moved your posts to a separate discussion to keep the announcement thread a bit cleaner.


@admin will you help me? I uploaded the private key from the client area. But that does nothing.
Then when i go to joomla it says i have not SSL AND that i cannnot use the https option.

When i do what you are telling me i get this!!!

Mind you there is no CSR to paste in the CSR field.

For some reason, the DNS records for your domain name got corrupted, and now your domain name is pointing to Bodis, a domain parking service.

I’ve already asked iFastNet to fix this for your domain.

The SSL setup on your domain looks fine though, so once the DNS issue is fixed, you should be good to go to use HTTPS.


And when is this issue will be fixed? In a few hours or days or week?

Oh i also wanted to ask check again is my SSL setup right? I just paste the private key then press upload key paste the certification and then press upload certificate.
Are these correct?

The issue is fixed already. Note that your website may not show up right away, but that will fix itself automatically.

And yes, the SSL installation is correct. Just upload the private key and certificate and that’s it.


It still says that A trusted SSL Certificate was not found…Am i doing somethuing wrong?

No, you’re not. Just ignore that message; it’s normal that Softaculous doesn’t recognise the SSL certificate already installed.

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OK i wish no problems appear next…

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