The Challenge

Is this true? I honestly though some of you would be farther…

I have no idea if I’m on the right track nor what should I do :joy:


Ah, look at image #1 again. You missed something.

Edit, you did not. Don’t add my domain to the URL you uncovered. You got part 1, but that is useless without part 2. Keep looking at file #2!

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because of this I thought that domain should be added to the url :joy:

I have no idea - I am confused by these strong dashes and what to do with them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s a different hint. Don’t combine them :slight_smile:

If you want a blank filled in, use a HINT

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btw. have you noticed that whenever dot com is put in the URL of ifastnet hosting that the server returns 403 ?
it should return 404 but… (I have noticed this for several months now)

my brain is no longer working and I am lost


No, I have not :joy:

Want to use one of your hints?

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ive no idea what to do with all this MDAx stuff

I’m assuming you don’t mean Methylenedioxyamphetamine when you say that, right? Because if you did mean Methylenedioxyamphetamine, that would make no scene. You can use a HINT if you want.


A HINT will be released within the next 24 hours. If you want to prove yourself, solve it soon!

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im going to have to ignore this thread now because I want to solve the challenge without hints but it might take a while because i have very little free time to look at it

@lovebug, I will be sure to post the hints under the drop-down arrow, so you can only view it if you want :slight_smile:


@Greenreader9 ah thanks for that :smiley:


Alright, here is your HINT! Please don’t discuss this hint publicly (If you really want to, use the hide feature). PM me with questions.

View Hint
Accidental Click Protection

You will need this URL:

Reaction to the hint
You sure?
You REALLY sure?

Are you turning into one of those companies that do everything for themselves? You made your own base64 decoder page? HAHA!
(Note I’m not dissing you are your website, I just find it funny because you previously mentioned that some of the things you don’t want to compete for because it is already popular. Although, I guess it would be useful for integrating it into your website for articles and such. Getting off-topic, but maybe make an API or iframe that you can embed into articles talking about base64?)

Reaction to Thewebuser22's reaction

Yeah, I did. Mainly because who knows what other websites log and keep track of. I want to be in control of my data, and I want others to feel the same. I don’t track what does in the forum, only the number of times it gets visited.

What do you mean by that? To keep this on-topic, PM me, or mention it in 1000 users.

Good luck with the hint everyone!



Users @anon32498208 and @lovebug are confirmed to be in the lead! If you are not @anon32498208 or @lovebug, you have some caching up to do!

@lovebug has used 0 of 3 hints and has opened no PMs
@anon32498208 has used 1 of 3 hints and has opened one PM


Removed by gr9 as post contained a possible hint.

Final Hint

click me to get the hint

If you got the list of numbers and colons (2 people have for certain), you will use a 2-number version of the Ottendorf cipher to solve the clue. Read on how the Ottendorf cipher works, and you should be able to figure out my 2-number version quickly.

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