The domain is taking more time to complete global propagation

My website URL is:

Subject: I am facing DNS propagation delay for my Domain, the domain was working perfectly on the infinityfree with cloud flair cashing and SSL. After November 7th, 2019 I have noticed that the site is not working properly.

I tried disabling Cloudflare but still, the issue was there.

So I thought about updating the Nameservers but the name servers are not properly updating for the domain after this incident. I have almost waited for more than 72 hours.

As of now, I am going to update the name servers once again from my end
(Exact Time: 11:33 PM - 22nd November 2019, IST)

Updated details

Name Server 1 :
Name Server 2 : ns2. ‘’
Name Server 3 : ns3. ‘’
Name Server 4 : ns4. ‘’

I will check for the propagation from my end, for the next 24 hours. in the meantime could you please check and verify whether any domain-related issue is causing this global propagation delay.

Awaiting your kind support.

Yours faithfully the reviewboy :slight_smile:

Your site forces to use SSL/HTTPS connection.
Have you read this announcement?

The solutions:

  1. Remove HTTPS setting from your site. So, just use HTTP connection.
  2. Add your own SSL certificate on your cPanel hosting (SSL menu) for your site.
    You can also make it for free using this new feature:
    New Feature: Free SSL for own domains!

When I try to visit your website, I get the SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT message. This is the issue that @adisp007 wrote about. Like the message suggests, this has to do with SSL. This is not an error caused by DNS, nameservers or propagation.

Is this also the error you see?


Thank you guys :slight_smile:

The site is working fine now, thank you for your kind support.

@adisp007 - Thanks Bro

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