The JavaScript code is not allowed

Google search console has reported a problem on my site: The JavaScript code is not allowed. How can I solve?

It is getting the ‘aes.js’ Javascript code, which is not their code for your site.


Yep, most likely the browser validation challenge.

If you have a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare to bypass it.

If you have a free subdomain, you’re out of luck.


I am already using cloudflare

URL? If you are using Cloudflare with the control panel that does not count.

I am using CLOUDFLARE on my domain connected to infinity free. How can I solve this problem

Search the web for the error message?

Google Search Console is showing some unknown error message, for an unknown site, which is having trouble with unknown Javascript code. There is no indication that this has anything to do with our hosting. So how are we supposed to help you?

If you want our help, can you at the very least share your website URL so we can check for any Javascript code that might be causing trouble?


My site is build using Mobirise with the theme Mobirise AMP hosted on a domain owned by me registered on Namecheap and hosted here: on infinityfree. These are all the info I know: I am not sure that it is a Google problem but a Mobirise problem

Its probably a Mobirise issue, but you need to share your URL is you want us to check.


Ok check it it is

That warning pops up probably because you’re using AMP

check which JS is the problem as for example inside the image here


Yes, I am using AMP. How can i solve this?

By reading the article that @Oxy posted.

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