The REST API encountered an error

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: " The Reset API request failed due to an error "

I’m using this software: " Wordpress "

Additional information: Hi guys, I am using WordPress and now I am facing the error mentioned above. Please help me.

Hello there,

It seems like you are currently using a Self Signed certificate (Not trusted) with your site, try using an SSL/TLS by using Cloudflare to enable secure connection. You can either enable Cloudflare via vPanel or at the Cloudflare site directly.

Hope this information helps!

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You could also add a certificate via the certificate creator in the client area, adjust wp-settings and then upload the certificate the the c/vPanel. This may be better, since if you don’t configure Cloudflare correctly your WordPress site could break.

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sir, I have uploaded certificate successfully in Cpanel. But still facing this error. you can see the attached image as there is lock symbol. But still this error. Sir should I go for Cloudflarecertificate

This WordPress health check plugin is wrong and this error can be ignored.


but for this error i can’t install jetpack on wordpress

In that case, using Cloudflare might be worth a shot.

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