This insufferable /7? Sponsor thing

My website URL is: &

What I’m seeing is:

A blank page on Firefox on the address bar
The message “This site doesn’t have any sponsors for you” in other browsers
The message " Having trouble opening your website?

After adding a domain name to an account, it can take up to 72 hours for it to be visible everywhere. [Learn More]" in the main panel site.

I’m using this software:

Windows 10
Wordpress installed on site mentioned above.

Additional information:

There was a time long time ago when Infinity really kicked ass. My friends and I all had sites here, the customer support was fabulous, we could actually e-mail people and make sure we were treated like human beings, we were special for the service.

Now? Not so much. We became another number on a forum.

Oh well, I guess.

Anyway, the messages above I have been seeing. I cannot access, at all, my third site.
The former was not deleted in 60 days, it is still there, lingering paused.

This third one? I have been having this issue for over a fucking MONTH… not the “72 hours” necessary to see the site coming to life, specially knowing that I NEVER added any domains anywhere. The way it was created, it stayed. I didn’t touch it.

In fact, all I did was to refuse to receive SPAM, and the spam page is clear about it: If we don’t agree to receive the spam, we could loose our site… I guess since I refused to receive the spam, my site “got lost”… hah!

Still I waited but nothing changed. After a month with a BLANK page and a on my address bar, and after having done just about EVERYTHING I could find on these forums in regards to a solution, I simply deleted the former site to make another.

NORMALLY, the site shows up and WordPress is installed and I manage to work on it immediately. No, not this time around either. All I have is the insufferable /?z

Blame DNS? I don’t think so. None of my friends can, or could, see the WordPress installation there at any time during this month in which I was patiently waiting, (maybe I lost the site for not agreeing with spam on my mail box?), nor the new created today.

I came to a point that not only there is nothing I can do, nor a human being I can talk to. Not this time.

I will erase the site for a third time, hoping this time the two that are paused and erased do get deleted, and try to do my much needed third from an email address created exclusively for it. If there is no luck, I see no alternative but to find another service.

Which is seriously a pity because I truly enjoyed this place. It used to be THE best out there, and used to have outstanding customer support too.

Your site works fine for me.

Refresh your DNS cache.


Of course, you are dealing with a complete illiterate here.
One that didn’t leave very clear that this same site was out for over a MONTH and that the site was presenting said issues to the point I had to make a separate one.
One that did NOT say, in ANY paragraph on the original post, that hadn’t tried all the solutions out there (including refresh/flushing DNS cache).
I also did NOT say in the original post that my friends (which I should have specified, worldwide, and not sharing my router or ISP or even the same city) could not see it either.

While I appreciate that you took time to answer, I would have appreciated much more if the issue in question was thoroughly read and understood. I am no expert in English grammar, but I am sure I explained all the issue in small details, and what I did to resolve said issue. Therefore, there was no need to waste precious time to reply just to make me feel like a total MORON, which is why I hate CSR through forum.

@ErikSevern the same problem to me too! tried it flush dns + clear cache doesnt work

thats actually happened to both chrominium browsers + firefox but works on tor…
it works sometimes but down often.
but flsuhing dns is a good idea

Do you actually want help or are you just here to insult people who are trying to give that to you?

Your website is working fine from here too. That doesn’t mean that there is no issue, but it’s really hard to fix an issue if we can’t even confirm the issue exists at all, let alone reproduce it reliably.

That could mean that either it was a temporary issue that is already resolved, or that the issue may be affected by some other factors (like ISP or location in the world). “Working fine from here” might sound like a useless response to you, but it actually helps us learn more about the issue.

When was this exactly? One-on-one support has never been a feature of InfinityFree. It was a feature with Gendel Hosting earlier on, but it was shut down because it was no longer feasible. Switching to forum support has substantially reduced the number of support requests while increasing the quality of the messages.

And it helps everyone if I can spend my time to help people who want to work with me, than play twenty questions with people who just say “site is down, plz fix”.

I’m sorry, but what are you basing this experience on? The account you’re posting from is brand new. Don’t you think it’s a bit presumptuous to say the support is bad if you haven’t actually tried to submit a request?

I checked your account, and I see two deactivated accounts. One of these accounts was deactivated last week, the other was deactivated in October. None of them have been deactivated for more than 60 days, and will probably be deleted according to the regular schedule.

Again, you’re making assumptions, rather than asking and learning. If you would have come here to ask why you saw that page, I could have told you weeks ago that the email permission has absolutely nothing to do with this.

The text for the email consent is quite menacing, but in reality, the “lose your site” only refers to the times will not get notified if your resource usage is high. That’s it. It doesn’t fundamentally change how your hosting works.

Normally, free subdomains may show the parking page for up to 24 hours. In some cases, this can take longer and take up to 72 hours to disappear. If after 72 hours the parking page is still not gone, it’s OK to come here and ask what’s going on. I do appreciate it that you took the time to read other topics first and try to find a solution yourself. But if that doesn’t succeed, know that we are here and are willing to help you. You don’t have to let the issue sit for weeks and hope it will fix itself.

To be honest, I do suspect this could be a DNS issue.


Our nameservers are geo distributed. That means that there are multiple sets of nameservers spread over the world, configured in such a way that DNS queries should be routed to the nameservers closest to you for performance. Normally, all locations should return the same records, but there have been situations where this wasn’t the case.

To figure out which location you are connecting to, can you please make a traceroute from your computer to and share the results here? That way, we can check if that location holds bad data.

I would guess that most people on this forum are humans. After all, this is not a chat bot.

I hope I can convince you that InfinityFree is still the best and that the customer support is still outstanding, by working with you to fix this issue.


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