This site can’t be reached (Issue)

Hello there,
About 5 minutes ago, I uploaded my GoGetSSL which was issued with InfinityFree.
However, there’s an issue. Whenever I try to visit the website, it gives the following message:
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” and Error Code “ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED”.

The account username is epiz_31201698
Website address is

Any help would be appreciated.


Please remove your extra nameservers, it may the cause. Note that you never mix nameservers, it always leads to unexpected results.



Those are from my domain registrar.
It’s for email hosting.

You cannot have multiple nameservers. Also, mail servers use MX records, not nameservers. If you domain provider requires those nameservers to use email services, you will not be able to use hosting anywhere besides that company you bought the domain from. Please contact your domain provider and ask how to setup email services with an external hosting provider.


Okay, thanks.
(quick question, do you know what forum software is this site using? :P)

No problem. This forum runs on Discourse, the open-forum software built on Runby-on-rails. You need a VPS or dedicated server to host it.

I have a VPS… I have both AWS and Oracle Cloud so yeah.
Also, I just saw that the site is working perfectly with the SSL!

(even with these name servers)

It will work, about 25% of the time, And it may always work for you due to DNS caching, but it may never work for your visitors. It depends on what nameservers the browser decides to follow.

broken nameservers = broken website


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