This site can’t be reached


I´m getting this message when trying to visit my site:

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.

I cannot visit my site nor login to /admin (Wordpress) from my computer.
I can visit the site but not login to /admin from cell phone
Updated some plugins and refreshed content two days ago (that is, i was able to visit site and login to /admin).

I´m using Chrome on Mac and Android.

Please help, cannot solve this!

To see the website after creation you may need to wait within 72 hours to access the /admin/ address that is /wp-admin/ on WordPress.

As said, i made changes to the site 2 days ago, so it was already working.
The site is 3 months old, at least.

Then there are some problems with your Internet. For me your sites work 100% of the time, while your Internet can make them work 95% of the time.

There seems to be an outage right now on our nameserver location on the US East coast. So some parts of the world can’t access the majority of the nameservers. I’ve brought this to the attention of iFastNet, and they should be working on it now.

In the mean time, you could change your domain’s nameservers from to, which has some more servers which are not affected by this.

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