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Thanks for guide on how to assign a default text editor in Firefox. The issue I had has even more complex, I kept post simple. My issue started with WordPress AI changing text characters throughout my project. It changed lower case x to a special Unicode X char, single quotes ’ to directional special char, and a few dashes to medium length special char. I copied all WordPress pages text before uninstalling WordPress. Fixed some of the characters, but didn’t catch the single quotes. Compressing HTML caught this.

I’ve used UltraEdit for years, editing C++ files outside of Visual Studio. When I write a Unicode text file in C++, I have add the BOM code at beginning. Never fooled with BOM on any other desktop text file before. But I researched the preference before updating everything to Unicode without BOM, and setting appropriately in compression settings. It’s funny, even after saving compressed style css to Unicode, it remains ANSI Latin I. The uncompressed style_master.css retains UTF-8 charset after updating.

The bottom line- when I pasted WordPress text into a newly created text file, it saved it UTF-8 without me knowing it had special Unicode characters in it. It’s possible ANSI index.html works fine, even declaring HTML to display Unicode. But in the end, I chose to keep everything UTF-8 regardless.

update- I got compressed style css updated to UTF-8.


there is no need to compress CSS or HTML unless it contains a large amount of text or comments, because you will not save much KB

you will only create extra complexity when you are dealing with all these files because you need to have readable copy for edit and the other for upload / live…

my raw CSS that is formatted in moderate readability is 152KB (in local stor. so no GZIP size)

and same file compressed to high (all in one line) is 143KB (in local stor. so no GZIP size)

= 9KB

so your css does not need it as well as html because you did not save anything more than 5KB

the other thing would be if you have a huge section in your html that contains a lot of texts (book)
then just put that part in one line


My online code checks return no errors or warnings, but I can’t find why Firefox displays this:
Unrecognized at-rule or error parsing at-rule ‘@-moz-document’.
It may be my Firefox Stylus style to hide Google popup junk?

Rocket Loader was already enabled, I guess it’s now default setting.
Why is Cloudflare 24 hr Percent cached: 57.52%, when rule caches everything?


I do not see it when I visit your site - be sure you press CTRL + F5 a few times

cloudflare analytics

Even with the Cache Everything option set, CloudFlare will still periodically check back (orgin server) to refresh the cache.

When websites respond to CDN servers with the requested content,
they attach information to the content that will let the servers know how long to store it.
This information is stored in a part of the response called the HTTP header, and it specifies for how many seconds, minutes, or hours content will be cached.
This is known as the Time-To-Live (TTL). When the TTL expires, the cache removes the content.
Some CDNs will also purge files from the cache early if the content is not requested for a while, or if a CDN customer manually purges certain content.


I’ve been purging the cache after every FTP upload, hoping to force cache to update. Maybe I shouldn’t, and Just let Cloudflare update changes on it’s own?


and i do the same :smile:
I like to convince myself first that’s all right with the page
moreover, you need to purge everything because of your visitors

and you know it yourself
even though you’ve reviewed files a million times locally and then put them live (or compiled)
you just notice tomorrow that something is wrong, missing or is typo…
weak concentration - especially when you work long on something






a little fun (to make this topic not so serious) :joy:
how it really is to be a sysadmin or something like that


Drop Oracle


a relatively old documentary, but every person should watch and remember it




a good article (and funny) for all those who think to send mass e-mails :joy:



OMG - who buys such a thing ?
one letter more (d) on my .cf TLD costs :money_mouth_face:




I like the fly.


Google search results pages (SERPs)
How to Show Up on the First Page of Google (Even if You’re a Nobody)


How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)


My private collection of ancient days (maybe someone will find it interesting) :heart_eyes:

Once upon a time NetBeans was sending to developers new versions of IDE to the home address

MS Works haha, I almost forgot that I used it before Office

Misc (56K modem driver, keyboard driver, etc.)

I especially like this CD - Preparations for Y2K (Millennium bug) :skull_and_crossbones: :joy:

I think this is my cat - actually I’m sure ! :cat:


That’s neat.