Trouble accessing wp dashboard

i did clear the htdocs folder but my folder doesn’t want to upload

Why not? Can you provide details?

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after I click to upload (nothing happened)

Can you use FileZilla?

The online file manager is not built to handle large amounts of files.


done i guess

This is what I see

Likely due to this


how to I confirm the database name is correct, and import my SQL file.?

You can check the list of databases in the MySQL Databases section in the control panel, and see the value currently used by opening the wp-config.php file and check the DB_NAME parameter.

Through phpMyAdmin. Yes, some large databases may be more difficult to import, but please try it the easy way first.

When you see a “There has been a critical error” message, instead of making guesses about what the issue could be, you could also try to get the real error message, which usually has a lot more details.

To do so, open the wp-config.php file of your site, find the WP_DEBUG parameter, and replace the false with true and safe the file.

Then reload the page, and you should see the real error message.

I just did that for your site, and got a bunch of errors which appear to be caused missing files in the seo-by-rank-math plugin. The easiest way to fix this is to go into the wp-content/plugins folder of your site and delete the seo-by-rank-math folder. This will remove the broken plugin and let you access the site.

Finally, after you’re done debugging, please make sure to reset the WP_DEBUG parameter back to false, because it’s bad for security if everyone can see all error messages.


there is no file named wp-config.php

Check the file manager, most likely is in the htdocs directory


KangJL is there a way that i just get my old content (I don’t need the website anymore) I only need the articles

Your content are stored in these tables



ah okay, can I extract my articles from these tables?

Just export it.
See below instruction


it told me interrupted server problem


You should be downloading it as a .sql. Can you share how you exported it from phpMyAdmin?


i clicked export in PHpmy admin and selected the files