UDP Socket PHP

[-] Error connecting #0: Unable to find the socket transport “udp” - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

It’s trying to connect to UDP 27015 (i presume)

Is it possible to enable this and allow UDP 27015 to be open? TCP 27015 seems to work completely fine, just not UDP.

Also, another question, if I were to pay for a upgraded package, would I be able to define my own ports to open and close?

I’m hoping this can be sorted out as I am tempted to move more of my web-hosted stuff from OVH over to here as it is much cheaper.



You cannot connect to your free hosting website from non-browser devices (ex: API use is prohibited).

Additional ports cannot be opened upon request. For premium hosting, it will depend on what plan you are on, you may need a dedicated server. You can ask for details about premium hosting at support.iFastNet.com


Ok, so if I paid I would be authorised to use API? It does seem non-browsers can access my web-servers with no issues. Just not via this method I am attempting.

You haven’t really answered my question, if I did pay for a premium package I would be able to open ports - yes or no? I take it that this is information you do not know.

If not then I will most likely just stay with OVH as I can do whatever I need whenever I need it done. InfinityFree/IFastNet just offers much cheaper services comparitively.


You’ll need a VPS or a dedicated. Shared premium hosting doesn’t give you that option.
You can always refer to this iFastNet’s official cPanel demo to see what can you do in shared premium: https://sv4.byethost4.org:2083/cpsess2609253849/frontend/jupiter/


Thank you. This response is much better.

I will consider my options before moving over here, and review that demo.

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