Unable to access phpmyadmin

**My website URL is: http://sallystore.epizy.com

**What I’m seeing is: i can’t access phpmyadmin

**I’m using this software: Google chrome and internet explorer

**Additional information: i tried all steps under link https://infinityfree.net/support/unable-to-access-phpmyadmin/ without success. Please reset my database permissions.

I take it you changed the password as well? Did you change it through the password reset functionality of the control panel by any chance? If so, know that you should never use the password reset in the control panel, because it will break your website. You’re currently experiencing one of the possible consequences.

To fix it, please follow the article again, and follow the instructions exactly as their are written. So when the article says:

You can force the password to be reset again by changing your hosting account password through the client area.

Please change the password through the client area, and not through something else.

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phpmyadmin was working properly then stops working without changing anything including password. Thenn later, i forgot the login password and i used password reset. I changed the password yesterday through client area and followed all instructions including clearing cookies…without success. Please advise if fixing permissions is required as mentioned in the last step.

I’ve reset your database permissions. Please check in 15 minutes if you can access phpMyAdmin.

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